Managing Director Signs Labor-Intensive Project with South Sinai Governor
Managing Director Ms. Soha Soliman and South Sinai Governor General Khaled Fouda signed a project contract for extending potable water networks in Abu Zanima City in South Sinai governorate. Total project cost reaches 330,000 EGP of which 300,000 EGP are financed by SFD while the remaining amount is contributed by the governorate. 
South Sinai Governor said the project will extend potable water networks at 3.3 km in length into deprived areas. Private sector small contractors will implement the project under the supervision of SFD and the governorate. 
Ms. Soliman stated SFD provides such finance through the German Debt Swap Agreement II stressing the project is designed to serve the inhabitants of the poorest villages in the governorate and will adopt the labor-intensive techniques and as such, great numbers of semi-skilled and unskilled workers will be hired. She added that around 1100 man/days are expected to be created during project implementation.