9 Million Pounds for Pavement of Rural Roads in Luxor
SFD Managing Director Ms. Soha Soliman and Luxor Governor Mr. Mohamed Badr signed a new contract to finance a project to pave rural roads in Luxor at a value of 9 million EGP, to be earmarked through the Emergency Labor–Intensive Investment Project (ELIIP) funded by the World Bank and European Union. 
The project covers the pavement of 10 km of rural roads serving a number of villages in Luxor and creating 37,000 man/days in addition to management and maintenance job opportunities. 
Insofar, SFD has provided around 373 million EGP to the governorate to finance the establishment of more than 43,000 micro and small enterprises creating 66,000 job opportunities. In addition, it has funded many labor-intensive infrastructure and community development projects in the governorate at 73 million EGP creating around 25,000 job opportunities.