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RE/MAX Egypt was launched during the second quarter of 2012 despite the political and economic challenges in Egypt, based on the founder’s confidence in the strength and stability of Egypt’s real estate industry. RE/MAX Egypt strongly believes in the potential of Egypt’s youth, offering them a substantial opportunity for owning their own business while breaking loose of the limitations of fixed income. Through this model and in almost two years, RE/MAX Egypt has managed to expand its network to 18 offices covering most of Cairo territories and one office in Alexandria contracting over 300 Agents, with over 25,000 listing on the website
Mission & Vision

For over 40 years now, RE/MAX has been evolving from a single real estate office that opened in 1973, in Denver, Colorado into a comprehensive global real estate network, which today, includes more than 6300 franchisee-owned and operated offices with a nearly 90,000 sales associates across more than 90 countries. RE/MAX is the world’s No.1 brand applying the latest technology and offering the most advanced real estate education and a wide range of business solutions within the real estate market.

It all started in 1973, when the real estate agents Dave & Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in Denver, Colorado. Later, in 1995, RE/MAX lands in Europe. Walter J. Schneider and Frank J. Polzler bring the hot air balloon over the big pond. Today RE/MAX’s global organization supports over 90,000 Agents worldwide. Follow their journey around the world and in the community, as RE/MAX is established as the "Leader in Real Estate".

RE/MAX is born. Gail and Dave Liniger, two real estate agents in their twenties from Denver, Colorado, decide to develop a new real estate concept. They create RE/MAX, an acronym for "Real Estate Maximums", a system that encourages quality real estate salespeople to realize and develop their outstanding business potential.
On its 5th birthday, RE/MAX proudly launches its logo, the Hot Air Balloon, and has already 122 Offices and 1,180 Agents, in the USA and Canada.

RE/MAX grows to 1,000 Offices and more than 10,000 Agents.

RE/MAX goes global in South Africa and Europe, exceeding 40,000 Agents.


RE/MAX surpasses 100,000 Agents.
“Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX” book is released.
RE/MAX is in more than 75 countries.

RE/MAX has now more than 7,000 independently owned offices, with over 90,000 agents in 85 countries worldwide.

The familiar red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon can now be found in more than 85 countries around the world, marking an international presence greater than any real estate network.

RE/MAX balloon lands in EGYPT!
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