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Non-exclusive collaboration with the following companies: -
- B-Connect: automation and pharmacy management using computers and barcode systems.
- United Company of Pharmacists: a leading company in the distribution of medicine and pharmacy delivery.

- United Company for Trade and Distribution: a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical supplies.

- Company Egiptik: supplying equipment for automating pharmacies and after-sales service

Type of Available Franchise : Pharmacies operate with the latest electronic automation systems.

Geographical Areas: all over the country.

The Total Investment cost per franchise unit: to be determined according to the detailed feasibility study for each pharmacy.

Minimum Space Per Unit: 40 square meters.

Benefits for franchisees :
o an additional charge for an order opening 1% plus 0.5% for electronic orders.
o enjoy a discount of 1% increase over the company's stated policy of the United returns.
o involvement in the program Ask the pharmacist was consulted.
o comprehensive study of cosmetics that suit
the geographical location of Pharmacy.
o provide a barcode for each piece of the drug supplied through electronic order.
o a copy of the gift guide medicines.
o Coat gift for each pharmacist.

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