El Malky

About US

From the moment the company's establishment in 1917 until the launch of the first products of our aspirations and dreams were always to be the example for the Egyptian industry to provide high quality products to suit all segments of society , and to keep up with the times with all its scientific and technical developments for the betterment of Egyptian industry .

It was the diversity of products and meet all the desires Our goal from the beginning and that we have been careful to choose a quality product commensurate with the requirements of the consumer, and we were sure that the development of a brand in line with the community's desire will be the secrets of our success , We have identified the brand ( Maliki ) to be the brand that won the hearts of all the family members.

And the remarkable progress and determination to achieve success achieved company -Maliki dream of access to their products of high quality to a large base of consumers , governance, providing the confidence of our customers in our products that we enjoy to increase our market share in the Egyptian market , the company has worked to establish themselves within the community through sectors including supermarkets , restaurants,

Maliki succeeded in overcoming many obstacles throughout her career , and has maintained a record of continuous expansion , planning to become one of the leading companies in the food industry .

In spite of the events that took place in the country , but our belief in the importance of supporting the Egyptian economy , the company Maliki emphasizes the continued implementation of investment plans and seek always to take positive steps to introduce new products selected , health and security through our branches located throughout the Republic.

Conclusion: I extend my sincere thanks to all of our customers Alkramnukd We are continuing to implement our promise to remain faithful in providing products live up Egyptian industry .