ABC Display

About US

Founded in 1995 ,abc is the leading importer and distributor of store fixtures across the middle east and Africa.

Based in the heart of cairo , our main headquarters is home to some of leading experts in this field.

Abc also has a large network of outlets and stores across the region.

Our brand has over 500 dedicated staff working towards excellent quality and customer service.

We take pride in our pride in our products and dedicate much research into selecting the best and latest from Germany, Italy and China.

Abc also is a leading distributor to all major Arab and African markets.

Our long standing policies of accuracy ,quality and customer satisfaction have been recognized by many major independent institutions.

We also invest in research and development to ensure abc remains the leading trend setter across the region.
Mission & Vision

Enriching our customer’s lives with innovative products, which offer Convenience, safety and reliability at the right price, We pledge a lifetime Commitment to serve our customers, by investing in our employees, and partnering with our suppliers and distributors while developing our communities and achieving excellent value to our company.

To be a globally competitive regional leader in the field of display store Fixtures by continuously developing our key competencies while staying true to our core values.

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