Bishara Textile and Garment Manufacturing Co. BTM

About US

Bishara Textile and Garment Manufacturing Co. BTM is completely vertical operation from fabric to clothing manufacturing located in the 10th of Ramadan Industrial city of Egypt. We are a technology driven company that strives to constantly improve its manufacturing processes, while closely adhering to our commitment to quality and excellent customer service.

Privately owned and family operated for three generations, we greatly value our highly skilled dedicated staff and take pride in the quality of textiles and garments they have helped us manufacture for over 40 years.

The total square area of the premises is approximately 323’000 sq ft of which 86’100 sq ft for the weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing factory and 237’100 sq ft for the sewing factory.

Our vertical integration allows us to produce all kinds of woven fabrics, ranging from high quality worsted wool, carded wool and wool blends to fine woven Egyptian cotton fabrics according tot the customers needs. That is in addition to our major specialization in the tailoring of men’s and ladies war ranging from tailored suits to shirts, trousers etc.