About US

BiscoMisr was established in 1957 with an original purpose of supplying the army and the national schools at the time with a quick energy snack for the soldiers in the barracks as well as the school children on the playground.

Since then, Biscomisr has become one of the country’s main providers of baked goods and confectionary, and is indeed the most recognizable brand in Egypt in its fields.

Since 2005 to date, BiscoMisr brought on a team of highly qualified personnel with working experience in multinationals that have proven to be the best of their peers in their respective fields; from senior management to marketing, IT, sales and export.

The management team has brought on a renaissance to the company’s strategy, which has evolved with BiscoMisr to a state-of-the-art international company that is keeping up with the times.
Mission & Vision

We are dedicated to our promise of delivering the best quality products to our global consumers, while carefully enforcing our leadership position in the market.

We foster innovation across the board to help the company achieve an integrated and complimentary benefit to our customers, employees and shareholders.
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