Bee Smart Payment Solutions

About US

TBE for Payment Solutions and Services S.A.E. working under brand name “Bee” has now launched in Egypt. It will be acting as the Middle East hub for Technobiz Equipment PTL LTD - the multinational payment solution provider that has successful business recognition in Asia and Europe.

Bee specializes in providing fast, easy and reliable Payment Solutions for a multitude of services. We offer the public the ability to pay various Service Providers anywhere, anytime in a simple process that takes only a few seconds!

Bee offers you a unique ‘one-window, one-stop’ means to pay different services of mobile operators, internet providers and others. To do this we use the “Cash Collector” global platform, as developed by the highly experienced, creative and professional R&D Team at Technobiz Equipment.

Company Established Since: 2010

The Number of Branches: 4 main direct branches
20000 outlets