Body Bakes

About US

Body Bakes has been in business for over 2 years and offers the highest quality, out of the box products. We are known for our world class range of products that serve a gap in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market.

Our aim was to introduce a novel line of healthy and natural products that could compete with the well established international brands. Our Products were first sold in the local market and in boutique shops. Success came quickly and Body Bakes is now a multi-channel concept , combining a retail strategy, a wholesale strategy and e-commerce with consumer catalogue.

All of Body Bakes products look good enough to eat. Cupcake soap, Bath Bombs, Sugar Frost body scrub and Lotion Mellow in fun yummy flavors such as; Candy Cane, Pinacolada and Bubble Gum. Everything is handmade with love to maintain consistency and ensure attention to details. We frost every cupcake, sprinkle every candy and whip every jar of scrub by hand!

Body Bakes products are unlike any products in the Egyptian market. They are handmade with natural ingredients that leave the skin refreshed and feed the skin the nutrients that it yearns for. Body Bakes refreshes not only the body but also the mind with its delicious aroma. Our products leave the skin soft, healthy, delighted, and glowing.

Our raw materials are sourced internationally from different countries to ensure the highest quality of finished products in terms of efficacy and safety.

We know that our consumers deserve to be pampered with the most luxurious and creative products out there and with Body Bakes that is exactly what they will get.

Geographical Areas:
-Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria
-Gulf Countries: UAE, Qatar

Company Established Since: 2013
Franchising Since: 2016

The Number of Branches: Showcasing in 4 main department stores and operating 1 exclusive shop
The Total Investment cost per franchise unit:
Franchise Fees: LE 50,000
Management Fees “Royalty”: 5% of sales revenue

Franchise Contract Duration: 5 years to be renewed upon both parties agreement

Minimum Space Per Unit: 30 m2
Benefits for franchisees :
Cost of Products (not including 10% sales tax)
• 1st year--> 40% of retail price
• 2nd year--> 45% of retail price
• 3rd year--> 50% of retail price
• Packaging and marketing aids: to be provided by the franchisor with cost price
Shop Design:
• The shop interior design will be provided be the franchisor (Body Bake) and will
be implemented by the franchisee accordingly
Shop Operation:
• The shop will be operated according to Body Bakes’ standard operating procedure. A franchising support team will be dedicated for all franchisee support in operations and spreading the brand globally.