Maa Althahab Fragrances

About US

Why the franchise ?
Because the franchise concept is good for the both parties –franchisor and franchisees.
The investor capitalize on Maa Althahab experience and fame in fragrances field, therefore will gain profitable project.
Maa Althahab extend the chain of the showrooms and provide the customers through these showrooms with reasonable and competitive products.

What is the role of the Franchisor ?
Maa Althahab company offers its name and products and fame in the fragrances and show room management with direct supervision according to its experience in this field.
Maa Al Thahab supply the comprehensive decoration kit to guide the Franchisees “investor” To implement Maa Althahab showroom decoration with the same concept of franchise chain.
Maa Al Thahab provide training program to the investor team against agreed fee to have the practical knowledge and the experience.
Maa Althahab support the investor with advertising campaign during the opening of the show room and might be for two or three showrooms in the same time.

What is the role of the Franchisees “Investor” ?
The investor committed to the prices applied by Maa Althahab.
The investor carry up the showroom management under the supervision of Maa Althahab The investor commits to sell only the agreed merchandise of Maa Althahab and to follow its display method.
The investor proposes the employees in the showroom and Maa Althahab can be rejected or accepted the same. Based on the interview with the HR department, and the training program.
The investor is not allowed to transfer or sell the franchise agreement to a third party.
Mission & Vision

Our vision :
We seek to Be a leading regional fragrance company that delivers superior results

Our mission :
We create unique, superior and economically competitive products through regional-class integration of fragrance expertise, consumer insights and brand understanding .
Maa Al Thahab is committed to the fulfillment of our Vision through a powerful focus on Customers, People and Innovation .
We apply a culture of innovation and demonstrate continuous improvement in everything

Maa- Althahab Fragrances member of Al Masmoum Group Companies is one of the largest fragrance companies in Syria despite its short journey in fragrances business, through building up the company on solid foundations using latest management concepts ( established in the beginning of the year 2006 ) by Mr. Abdul Hadi Masmoum.

Al Masmoum group was founded in 1987 in Homs – Syria, and after great success of the group in its products “perfumes and deodorants, hair care products, cosmetics and makeup, accessories” and becoming one of the leading companies in the region with four factories,
the youngest brother of Al Masmoum family decided to start new line of business lunching Maa Althahab Fragrances.

Maa Althahab efforts consist in four main domains, Oil Fragrances, ready products, Oriental bottles, Franchising.
The company, within a short time, has been successfully able to acquire the satisfaction of its clients through its excellent service, quality products, special designs, and competitive prices