Burrito Bowl Mexican Grill

About US

Burrito Bowl Mexican Grill -
In the early 1990's Burrito Bowl was founded after entrepreneur chef
Ronnie Chalhoub returned from a family vacation in the Yucatan peninsula
of Mexico. He had fallen in love with the rich flavors of local Mexican food
and decided he wanted to bring this exciting culinary experience back
Ronnie has lived by the rules and the authentic recipes the Mexican chefs
had taught him. Quality garden ingredients prepared in front of the
customer and made fresh to order.
Burrito bowl was founded on these principles and we will continue to
bring the best food wherever we go.

Type of Available Franchise: Express or Mexican grill
Geographical Areas: Ohio & Riyadh
Company Established Since: 1995
Franchising Since: 2012

The Number of Branches: 4
Franchise Fees: $15,000 - $25,000
Management Fees “Royalty”: 4%

Franchise Contract Duration: 10 years
Minimum Space Per Unit: 70 Sq. meters
Benefits for franchisees: New food not prevalent in Egypt yet but popular. Huge market segment available, training done on site