Caruso’s American Cafe

About US

Caruso's American Cafe was formed in 2001 as we wanted to
give our customers a place to come and enjoy our specialty
coffee and unique beverage products.
Since we offer all of the best beverage products in the world
we wanted to combine the ultimate cafe menu in a classic
Americana, service oriented setting.
This philosophy was an immediate success as restaurant &
food enthusiasts continue to visit us everyday. Our food menu
has evolved over the years and we feel we have really given
our customers the best variety and value for money of any
cafe concept.
Come and see why we are one of the hottest franchise
concepts in the U.S.A

Company Established Since: 1985
Franchising Since: 2010
The Number of Branches: 10

Franchise Contract Duration: 10 years
Minimum Space Per Unit: 50 sq. meters to 250 sq. meters
Benefits for franchisees: local location to train at. The best quality coffee & food available from scratch
Accreditations & certificates if available: Certified organic coffees, rinforest alliance certified, Certified Kosher