About US

The brand "Cioce" born and establishes itself in Puglia, starting from Andria, thanks to a thirty-year experience in Food and Beverage, copious results in the opening (and in the restructuring and / or conversion) of public local trend and strong appeal for demanding and selected guests. The testing of the most diversified formulas in the specific area and the constant search for quality in services and products must be lead to a concentration of know -how which is the current competitive plus. In the world of franchising the Group Cioce srl suggests a format of great charm called "Piazza Puglia", presenting itself as a leading developer in franchise location structured and modular for the typical food and quality, with a strong and unique geographical connotation " Made in Puglia ".
A qualified and well-organized team of professionals follows frontline supplier selection, product selection, recipe creation, the scenery of the location, the structuring of sales outlets, staff training and the organization of work, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of market.


- To develop the franchising project widely all over the national area and abroad, for the entire square or for individual operating modules.
- To propose the brand "Piazza Puglia" also for the realization of equipped corner in shopping centers and / or at the cinema.
- To streamline standardization processes of structures, services, products, performance and settings, so as to achieve a high threshold of perceived quality.
- To Identify interlocutors not necessarily from the specific sector, providing a deepened training of entrepreneurs and personnel concentrated in a relatively short time.


(Region's leading wine tourism) as a trademark driving
Know-how and long experience in the Campaigns of Communication and Promotion default
Logistical support capillary
Pre and post opening
Cutting-edge information system
Continuing education
Organizational procedures standardized
Flexibility and dynamism in the reception of changing tastes of customers
Economies of scale in real estate costs, equipment and supplies

Want to open a concept "Piazza Puglia"? (Complete or modular?)
Here are some essential prerequisites.

• have completed the age of majority; attend the course for certified administration of foods and drinks;
• Opening VAT, as a company or as an individual entrepreneur;
• registration with INPS and INAL;
• Premises for rent or ownership preferably at least 300 square meters for the full format or with a size of 100 square meters for single module
A capital affiliation between 50,000 and 200,000 Euros.
Mission & Vision

Providing customers with a proper mix among location, products, services and ideas, all inspired by a philosophy of life unequivocally "Apulia". Here is our mission! Piazza Puglia is the "locus" in which to spend a few hours of "holiday" from daily tasks. It is as a homecoming, meet again around the table with family and friends, without formalities or protocols, to rediscover products and dishes of an ancient and generous land!
It is the Culture of good food, good drink, of holding together and of healthy conviviality.
Because Piazza Puglia is able to give, even for a few hours, intense emotions for the palate but also for the spirit ..... !!! Indeed, Within the square, photo exhibitions, small exhibitions, festivals, local market and street artists .....