Protech - UPVC

About US

Protech industrial Development is one of the largest and leader Egyptian Joint stock corporations in manufacture and assembles the UPVC’s sections, especially for windows and Doors system and another sophisticated architectural usages, in addition its selective raw materials according to the international standards. As we believe in that Egyptian market always deserve the best, so Protech is committed to provide the latest international designs in this field which has lots of functions and characteristics comparing its competitors Aluminum and wood, in addition the noticeable increasing in the European market share to be 60% , as we believe that creativity doesn’t come from imitation but it comes from innovation , So Protech produce a hinged section No:72.and sliding section No;88, as they are one of the latest and unique designs that innovated by Protech Company.
Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Protech aims to provide the best excellence and experience to our clients through choosing their Window & Door systems according to the international standards as well as talented technical staff which are specialists on each production stages, in addition the latest and high tech machineries. "we will win with our customers' loyalty and trust through continuous enthusiasm to improve the quality and innovation that driven by integrity and teamwork from Protech People"

Our Vision
To be a market leader by meeting all our clients' demands over world, as U-PVC has a high value compared with its Aluminum and Wood competitors. Protech aims to expand the U-PVC Window and Door Systems market from 5% to 25 % by the end of 2018,. Moreover, our Research & Development team is the beating heart for developing the best creative solutions that help "US" to offer "YOU" the best and latest innovations.
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