E-planet Educational Services

About US

E-planet Educational Services is an international organisation created by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of experts on education, marketing and development. Our goal is to provide our partners, students and customers with top-level services and products. That is why we have developed a unique, fully integrated company for ESL (English as a Second Language) educational services and business training. We combine traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to achieve a variety of purposes:

to facilitate teaching and learning
to help language schools hire the best possible staff
to train teachers and customer service agents
to assist companies in training their employees
to help self-employed professionals and those launching their own enterprises
to provide job seekers with the necessary knowledge and qualifications
to offer personal and professional development

Innovation is our passion and commitment to service is our trademark. We believe that education should be available to everyone, so our mission is to offer the best value at the most affordable prices. Our vision is a world where all people can fully develop their potential and have a fulfilling life and career!
Mission & Vision

E-planet mission is to be recognized as a leading regional ESL company by providing our clients with the most up-to- date and innovative products and services and by exceeding clients’ expectations while offering outstanding values in all our products. We will achieve this by providing an attractive corporate culture allowing us to recruit and retain the best people”.

In today’s increasingly challenging economic environment, businesses often focus on issues like improving cost-effectiveness, maximizing profitability, developing strategic alliances, creating a stream-lined and quality-driven organization, etc. While we at E-planet whole-heartedly subscribe to the above goals, we also realize that they are merely peripheral in comparison to the most mission-critical issue: having satisfied customers.

E-planet’s vision is to provide our services and products to a wide range of markets worldwide and to be known worldwide as the highest quality ESL corporation with ever-growing credibility, quality and expertise.

E-planet is concerned about building a reputation for decency and integrity and preserving a strong ethical code. We are working toward this vision by using innovation and our ever-growing sense of creativity