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- Bernasos has 23 branches all over Egypt, beside to a factory for manufacturing and converting paper and plastic materials for stationery.
- Bernasos is an agent and distributer for a lot of international companies specialized in office equipment. Also it is an agent and distributer for "Nikon" and "Spectra Precision“ companies in surveying instruments, beside a certified maintenance center for surveying instruments.
- Bernasos is one of the first stationery companies in getting certificates of ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001, and an award of Excellence in innovation.
Mission & Vision


- To achieve customer convenience by providing people & organizations with stationery & surveying technologies, and offering excellent technical support & after-sales service.

- To have our products in every home and organization in Egypt


- Bernasos stationery Co. has been established by Mr. Basel Kestaniotuis since 1918. It is one of the oldest and famous stationeries in Egypt and Middle East in selling writing and geometrical equipment.
- "Bernasos" word is derived from "Pernas", one of the most famous and highest mountains in Greece, and also the ancient Greek God of knowledge and science.
- Mr. Refaat had bought it from the brothers Lucas and Cyprus Kestaniotuis in 1960, and he promised not to change its name. It was one of the first companies importing writing and geometrical equipment, beside to establishing a special department for surveying instruments.
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