About US

«  Délifrance is a contemporary French bakery and café  »

« Délifrance propose high qualitative bakery products freshly and sandwiches made to order baked in front of the customer and an assortment gourmet and gourmand of french pasties and snack »

« Délifrance has a large offer for every tastes and occasion, at a reasonable price , for a flexible budget to visit on a regular basis which gives the opportunity to come everyday , the all day long».
Mission & Vision

Misioon: Délifrance's mission is to offer a range of natural products inspired both by authentic French recipes and a search of new flavours. Délifrance has made food safety a top priority through three targets:
implementation of stringent standards for the selection of raw materials, especially wheat.
Being able to identify, at any given moment, the exact origin of the ingredients used to make Délifrance products (traceability).
Promotion of farming methods that are more respectful of nature and the environment (total exclusion of GMOs - genetically modified organisms - from Délifrance's products).
Délifrance, therefore, strongly encourages a policy of quality certification for all its factories. Vision: To be the best Premium Café Operator offering unique French lifestyle environment, serving quality, fresh and healthy food with Good Value, delighting customers with authentic French recipes of crunchy baguette, buttery croissant, the best-in-town bakery items and sandwiches and more.