Flora Nova.

About US

Flora Nova was created in 2011 arising from the fusion of two great players in the world of the
cut fl ower : Flora Partner, the franchisor of the famous self-service fl orists le Jardin des Fleurs,
and CINOR, the franchisor of ‘trendy’ fl orists Oya Fleurs.
The connection of these two companies results from the will of its leaders, Benoit Ganem and
Eric Grelier, who were determined to dedicate their know-how, resources and skills to the
development of a powerful fl orist network.
With its 133 stores in March 2013, Flora Nova assumes a true leadreship in the fl ower market that
progressively starts to structure itself. Among the 14 000 fl orists present in France, only 5 % are
branded yet, producing 25% of the sales. This global trend shows how important is the image
and the concept of brands in, the mind of consumers who can easily get lost and deceived
among the many fl orist shop.
Mission & Vision

Generate from an economic weight mattering in terms of purchase with 133 stores
Propose to the franchisees a portfolio of brands to allow them to develop and to prosper in
their customer area
Bet on the complementarity of the franchise concepts
Engagement to our clients positioning and a promises of quality