Nile Projects & Trading

About US

Nile Projects & Trading Company was founded in 1972 as a small family business owned by Ossama El-Naggar and later grew into an Egyptian holding company formally established in 1985, after a partnership with Nile Bank (local bank in Egypt). Since then Nile Projects has grown in a wide range of industries, with a specialization in foreign based brand holdings.
Today the company has a staff of over 800 employees and has established itself as one of the most trusted and successful names in the Middle East in a variety of fields, including fashion, automotive, fast food & real estate industries.

Due to its capable staff and diversified experience in various business sectors, Nile Projects is able to diligently explore local and international business opportunities. Years of experience have taught the company the importance of a skilled staff and we pride ourselves in the fact that our team is of the highest international caliber. Nile Projects’ success can be attributed to several factors which contribute to its corporate competitive advantage and international standard of business practices:
Nile Projects is able to compete in the Egyptian market on many levels and many industries. The company is set up according to Strategic business units each having the responsibility of full ownership, exclusive distributorships and shareholder operations.
Mission & Vision

Nile Projects is dedicated to continuously fulfilling the needs of various market segments by providing customers with quality brand name products and services not available locally. Through these efforts, Nile Projects contributes to the development of the Egyptian economy helping it to compete on a global level in terms of customer preferences, availability of foreign brand names and as a viable market in the Middle East. Through growth, expansion, and the continuous pursuit of opportunities, Nile Projects hopes to serve its specialized market segments in Egypt, and put Egypt on the global economic map.