About US

We specialize in developing after-school programs and camps in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for kids and teens (Grades K to 12)* in a highly engaging and fun environment. We offer our programs under the following themes: Engineering, Game and App Programming, Digital Media, Robotics, and Math.

We build on more than 20 years of experience in developing learning centers of famous concepts and on supporting entrepreneurs in many countries to launch and grow their learning centers.

Our Vision: To create a global network of successful learning centers providing new generations with engaging innovative programs in Engineering, Science, Robotics, Technology and Math.

Our Mission: In every community we will operate, we enable young generations to explore the concepts of engineering, technology, science, and math naturally, in a fun engaging way and in a safe and convenient environment.

Our Philosophy: Every child should be given the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of engineering, technology, science, and math in an encouraging and safe environment and every child should be given the chance to unleash the engineer, the programmer, the innovator and the genius within.

Our Core Values:


* Not all programs or all ages are available in all areas or to all franchisees.