Required Space
25 M

Total investment
60000 EGP

Pyramid Poultry co.

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Pyramid Poultry Co. PPC a leader in the poultry industry in Egypt ,founded the company in 1980 , the company began actively importing fertilized eggs to spawn a factor of the company and the Chicks one day old and import feed ingredients and mixed in exact proportions and packaged and then sold with the chicks were then set up a factory to feed non- traditional livestock rabbits and poultry feed next to the traditional , and in 1998 created a huge swath of fattening to the events of scientific systems were selected the best geographic locations for Education , which meet the highest elements of air security.
As a complement to the Department of the company’s activity in the area of the poultry industry and its requirements have been added activity breeding mothers of poultry for the production of hatching eggs fertilized , as well as company established in 2009 the latest slaughterhouse to a friend of the environment in cooperation with the world’s leading in this area and the slaughterhouse to produce a product high quality under the name of Shahd Chicken.
Pyramid Poltry Co. is proud of being an integrated company for the industry starting from production of chicks and the end of the production of a wide variety of products and artifacts of poultry is in line with Pyramid Poultry Industrial.
Development in Egypt and contribute to the advancement of national economy has introduced a new activity for the company in the field of land reclamation and the production of fresh vegetables frozen under the name of Shahd Green Land.
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