NAS Trends

About US

We live in a fast changing and evolving world. Trends are set and changed, much faster than a few years back. Likewise, business ideas need to be more agile, smooth, and adapting with these changes and new trends.

NAS Trends is presenting a new business model in the MENA region; which is community driven companies. This is a perfectly agile model, which enables the company to survive minor and major changes in the modern world.

Founded in 2009, NAS Trends is a retail brand with a clear concept behind it. The brand engages with the youth of Egypt to create unique designs with specific mottos behind them. Nas Trends started off as a t-shirt brand, however with its expansion, the product line began to develop. Today, NAS Trends counts t-shirts, polos, sweatpants, sweatshirts, bean bags, bags, jeans, boxers, notebooks, pins and various accessories among its shelves.

NAS Trends has an ongoing two way-communication with its public. Through our highly active Facebook page, which counts around 1.4 M followers, the brand launches design competitions encouraging all talented young artists to apply and send in their own designs for the purpose of creating NAS Trends’ seasonal collection. NAS Trends strongly believes that today’s youth represent activeness, energy, optimism, hard work, innovation and ambition. Through the qualities of the youth, NAS Trends built its brand identity. The brand differentiates itself from competitors through its unique interaction and involvement with Egypt’s youth. The brand name carries the message behind the company’s main aim: the people are the trendsetters. NAS Trends offers the youth, tomorrow’s future, a unique experience where they, design, vote, choose, win, and finally, buy products that say what they believe in.

We are pushing NAS Trends to be a new channel of self-expression. We believe that NAS Trends is the transcendent level to social media networks. We use the likes and shares to turn a design into a product that the customer can always have. We are bringing
the virtual world into the real world. Last but not least, our customer who believes in certain
values or concepts can spread them by using our products anywhere.

Garments were our first choice, printed t-shirts to be precise. Now we have a full casual wear catalog for boys, girls, and kids. We added an accessories line as well.
Mission & Vision

Position NAS Trends as the number one community driven, high quality, creative, lifestyle brand in the MENA region.

To be known as the number one market leader community driven brand in the casual garments industry by 2020 in the MENA region by introducing unique casual garments targeting A and B classes.