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The Chipperfields have been associated with entertainment for over three hundred years. The first recorded Chipperfield show was at the “Ice Fair” of 1684 when the River Thames froze permitting a fair to be held. William Chipperfield exhibited a performing bear. Over the centuries Chipperfields established themselves with touring menageries and shows and have been entertaining the English public since that first fair in 1684.
After the Second World War, Chipperfields Circus was the largest in Europe and toured with a seven thousand seat big top. Jimmy Chipperfield and his brothers led the field with this vibrant show but as television began to make in-roads into live entertainment Jimmy realised something entirely new was required to entice audiences from their armchairs.
In the late 1950s, Jimmy broke away from the circus and, during the following three decades, created new forms of entertainment that have since been spread throughout the world. He devised the Safari Park concept that revolutionised the exhibition of captive animals allowing them freedom of space in a natural environment whilst giving access to many thousands of visitors in the comfort of their own cars.
The first Safari Park was opened as a joint venture with Lord Bath, “The Lions of Longleat” in England.This was followed by a joint venture with the Duke of Bedford, at Woburn Abbey, Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom. These projects incorporated animal attractions as well as dedicated Luna Parks.
The Chipperfields have since built many parks in countries around the world, including America, Canada, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.
As the Safari Park concept developed, parks were designed to have additional leisure facilities and have evolved to the extent that today, a park is built with a safari content, and includes all the traditional rides and facilities of a theme park.
This ensures a day of entertainment for visitors. Jimmy Chipperfield’s son, John Chipperfield, created the Chipperfield Companies Group in 1978 to further develop this family tradition.
Through associated companies, the company has firsthand experience of owning, branding and operating hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, shops, water parks and most aspects of the entertainment business.
Through associated companies, the company has firsthand experience of owning, branding and operating hotels, restaurants,coffee shops, and most aspects of the retail business.
Dr. Bahgat has had long association with the Chipperfields for many years in the entertainment world with safari parks and the development of leisure complex .
He now brings their mass catering concepts to Egypt in the form of Londoner burger.